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Forest of Dean Holidays

Are you planning forest of dean holidays? There are many local attractions and places to see. 

Before the Norman Conquest, a large part of the Forest of Dean has been sectioned off to as the Royal Hunting Grounds. However, its history started far before these events. The earliest archaeological evidence showed that humans inhabited the land since the Mesolithic times. 

charming village of forest of dean

The Forest was inhabited by Romans from around 50 AD to around 370 AD. They were attracted to the natural resources present, including iron and charcoal. Through the medieval times, they have evolved to be one of the main industries. The mining history of Forest is exhibited in many galleries and museums across the area. In the modern times the Forest of Dean is most known for its 42 square miles of ancient woodland- it' the second largest Crown Forest in the UK, the largest being New Forest. The timber harvested from the Forest was once the finest ship-building material in the entirety of England. 

Now the woodlands are protected and managed carefully by the Forestry Commission to retain its authentic mix of native species and inhabitants, most notably the wild boars. The Forest of Dean is currently the only home for this charming species in the UK. Once common-sight, they were hunted to extinction and later re-introduced as a species. Their presence has attracted many keen wildlife enthusiasts and naturists from all around the country. 

There are plenty of stunning views and a range of activities for the whole family- including your four-legged friends. Although the woodlands offer plenty of dog-friendly walks and an entirely new environment for your canine companion, please be aware of the risk of running into the feral wild boars. If you do encounter wild boars in the area, please call your dog to heel and put him/her on a lead immediately. If your dog is unlikely to respond in a woodland environment, please always have your dog on a lead. Wild boars are strong animals who can move faster than expected, while they may not be aggressive upon the first encounter, if threatened they can be dangerous and cause serious injury.